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Katy Simon
Manager Katy Simon

Picture taken in multi-purpose room at Verdi Elementary School
by Nevada Trends

Washoe County's celebrity Manager, Katy Simon, is retiring this July 1, 2013 from her manager's position, which she has held for fifteen years. In her letter of intent, she urged the County Commission to launch a Nation wide search for a new Manger.

Along with the loss of County Manger Katy Simon, Sheri Mendez, Finance Department Director also announced, she is leaving on May 24, 2013. She will be taking the Comptroller's position at UNR.

Other recent departures: Dr. Joseph Iser, District Health Officer and Rosemary Menard, Director Community Services. While the District Health Office is a department of Washoe County, it is governed by its own Governing board.

There is no doubt Washoe County will survive this transition, even though it is unpredictable if the transition will be smooth or not.

In the Board of County Commissioners search for a Katy Simon replacement, they should not attempt to replace her with like kind, for Katy Simon is one of a kind.


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